Sharam Masala

by No Hero, Xcpt., A La Moksh

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According to a study, conducted as recently as this morning, Sharam Masala’s Hip Hop-meets-Prog-rock-meets-electronica debut, clairvoyantly called Greatest Hits, is the best thing since vinegar flavoured ice cream.

Rappers Xcpt. (never won a spelling bee.) and A La Moksh (who?) strut jauntily onto No Hero a.k.a (No Friends Either)’s sonic landscape and proceed to dig up the flower bed.

We’ll shut up now.

Enjoy the album.

The Name

Dec 4th, 2015, Bengaluru. In a cab, on the way to Weekender.

“Spice Girls! We should have a name like Spice Girls!”

“Ok, uh… Masala Boys?”

“Hahahaha…. Garam Masala?”

“Sh- Sharam Masala?”

“Woah…… Yeah…….. Yeah. Done.”


released April 20, 2017




The Sounds Within Bangalore, India

Alternative Music Education & Media Production.

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Track Name: 1point1

verse 1:

two misfits buckle in for the jam,
the silence trickles down with the hourglass sand,
the wings of my wit like a bridge in their span,
we interrupt the quiet with a kick and a clap,
settle in it, the music is medicinal ,
penicillin, beneficial, soothin’ any set of issues,
floor vibratin’, the flow rehydratin’,
the soul finds haven n’ soars to high places,


break it down now / the city’s on fire /hold your ground now /city’s on fire

verse 2:

my invention is psychadelic in high percentage,
gettin’ hyper with it, you still decipherin’ it,
my commitment goes beyond just the limits of the norm,
the minute the lyric is born, see it gone,
i was incog, then i got involved, with improv,
that’s when my image was installed,
burnin’ plants, crops in rotation,
passin’ it around just as often as statements.

verse 3:

too many blunts down, unwound, can’t spring into action,
been such a bastard, wings with attachments, missiles,
mc dismissal, brush em off, steel bristles,
go against the grain, the pain mayne, shave years off your life,
down the drain, leaky faucet, squeaky clean profits,
none illegal on paper, words are vapour,
raider, slay the masqueraders, the chaps hate us,
stab backs with sabres, vader, married to the smith like jada,
tailor fitted hood and scythe to every hood in sight,
good night.
Track Name: wabi sabi

verse 1:

the flight of an arrow,
light on a shadow,
cracked mirrors,
half dinners,
mud houses,
sun bound wings,
found things,
profound things,
clay pots, wobbly,
grey hearts,
economy, modesty,
walk with me.



verse 2:

on your visage,
life is hard,
brow wrinkled,
eyes sprinkle,
5 fingers,
i spring the,
love i hold from broken ground,
don’t close it now,
loosen yo grip,
float like a lotus.

[a la moksh]

aangan se savaanand,
aankhon pe viraam,
na kalla mein,
swaad mein, jaan se,
wo surkhi…
mukti mein shakti,
tuti-phuti khoobsurti,
bakhubi chooti thi sukhi,
junoon mein doobi thi anokhi..
looti na jaaye wo khoobi.
Track Name:

verse 1:

locked eyes, almost incandescent,
try, but lips can’t begin that question,
fingers intertwine, under ink black heavens,
and the feeling comes alive within that second,
coffee on the table untouched,
absorbed in the moment, they fall,
ever so slowly, and thus,
two become one, one becomes all.

[a la moksh]

verse 2:

parivaar ka sangathan, manoranjan ke rang,
sabhi prasthan ek table aur mez par,
ek mast umang se khaarahe sevan,
badey kissey baatein, apne dhang,
pakwaan anek, itchaoon ke bhet,
budey, badey, bache sab anand samet,
badi choti baatein, khush andaaz se,
bache apne khilownon ke saath mein


feast on the sights and the sounds of the city,
loud, proud, profound yet silly,
and when we gotta hold it down
are you with me?


verse 3:

a wizened old man, holy book in his hands,
slumps down beside the grave next to gran’s,
tears disappear into his rain soaked vest,
laboured breath and heart breakin’ in his chest,
now he places rose petals on the grave,
eyes closed, he remembers her face,
lips tremble as he whispers a prayer,
it floats to sky, hope they’re listening there.

[a la moksh]

verse : 4

sumsaan raat, tezi se guzarti ek car,
pagdandi pe se thokrein maar,
driver ne pee rakhi, josh bus udney ki,
lekar ek ladki jo thi dari sehmi si,
ja rahi thi karke apna shift,
achaanak ho padi thi wo sthir,
rokne ki koshish, chillai wo zorr se,
driver usey na sunkae, chalae har oor se...
Track Name: mined state
[no hero]

meandering, stretched too thin, skin deep sins
beneath this veil, stained by vanity and constrained
by lies, navigating the by-lanes of my mind, stay insane
profane, profound conformist calamities
triggered by touch, insignificance rushed to the er
cpr wont save you till you torch the insecurities,
words dont lights the way in the silence of the womb
counting fingers, middle of the street , sinister fool
mathematic, calculate, indecisively, stimulated,
im not gonna wait , i wont pray, im a hunter.


i’m never done, unsung,
maybe ill even run away
one day i’ll stop myself
no one else can


sunshine stealer, shadowy halloween demeanour,
sanity, normality, i’m a praody of either,
can it be the fever?
can it be the fantasy that eats up,
my waking, my dreaming,
the aching, my being?
put a fresh face on it,
try ta essay forward,
best pay homage,
to the next day’s promise,
gestate concepts and exhale toxins,
weight of the stone in my rib cage,
face it alone, we’re the inmates,
most sacred of moments - a mistake,
hear but never own what your lips say,
your words never mean the same thing twice,
code in the strobe, pulsating lights,
won’t do the same thing twice,
cos you bring pain like day brings night.

[a la moksh]

faasle badaake ab wo kho jaaye,
maafi ke baaton se wo reh na paaye,
sunsani hui, matlabi aur adheer,
sapno ki chuni, farebi hoye lakeer,
jung ke padley hy na hakke hone ko ameer,
sargamon mein khoye uskey bol jo kabeer,
bus aghori waqt ke changul mein veer, (veer)
upar amber se gawahi de more fakeer,
darr ko piche chodey barsaaye goley,
ghar ke bhitar zindagi hoye ab sholey..